Driving thrill-seeker? Hold tight. Born of generations of World Rallying success, the all-new All-Wheel Drive WRX STI redefines what it is to drive. Engineered to win in any weather conditions, it’s probably the closest you can get to owning a performance motorsport car. But here’s the best bit: you get to enjoy it every single day.



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Naturally confident.

Symmetrical All-Wheel drive assigns the turbocharged 2.5 litre, 300 PS Boxer engine’s power to each wheel with ruthless precision. The resulting grip, on any surface, is jaw-dropping. A stiffened, track-tuned aluminium suspension underpins razor-sharp handling. Feel how the WRX STI simply exudes confidence.

Controlled delivery.

Performance isn’t about raw power. It’s how the power is delivered that counts. The 6-speed manual transmission offers gear changes that are slick and crisp. And, whilst the Boxer engine can deliver truly electrifying acceleration, SI-Drive lets you select precisely how assertively you’d like the car to respond.

Safe exhilaration.

In a car this capable, stopping is a serious business. Brembo Performance Brakes on the front axle ensure 17-inch discs and 4-piston calipers, with 17 inch/2-caliper pairs at the rear. The iconic rear spoiler isn’t a design aesthetic, either. It maximises downforce at speed to maximise stability and grip.

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